Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

My prayer is that all of you have a wonderful Valentine's Day filled with kind words, beautiful memories and lots of goodies!
Love Lilly!!

p.s. fyi: I had such a good time on the date!!Perfect gentleman!! Cross your fingers and toes he will call again and again. I liked him (He brought beautiful roses!!!) We laughed and talked and enjoyed the company!! Dinner was good and I really enjoyed myself! If he doesn't call then I know that is the good Lord's way of taking care of me...but between us girls...I hope he calls ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi Lilly! I was hoping you had a post of your date! I was thinking of you today wondering how it went! Soooo glad you had fun! Roses???? Sounds like a guy who will call again! otherwise he wouldn't have brought anything!lol My fingers are crossed for you too! Glad your Valentines Day was a happy one!!! Sincerley, Jeannette

Raggedy Girl said...

I am praying...Lilly

Happy Valentine's Day
--from Roberta Anne

Anonymous said...

Hi again Lilly! Check out Romantic Home Cindy's post! You were quoted!!! How exciting!!! Jeannette


Hi Lilly,
Glad to hear your date went very well:) I hope he calls again.
Roses were a go touch for a 1st date!!!!