Monday, February 9, 2009

5 more days until Valentine's Day!

Hey y'all! Guess who went to the beach on Saturday? It was a beautiful day and I wanted to share some pictures with you!
These guys are trying to decide what they want for lunch!

Pretty little shells...I couldn't resist taking their picture!

Pretty Panama City Beach, Florida!

I hope you like the pictures...I NEEDED to go to the beach to relax my mind on Saturday...the morning started out kind of rough!I went to a yard sale earlier on Saturday and met the meanest, nastiest woman. I will show you what I bought later (forgot to take a picture of it LOL) but she was hateful, I nearly walked away and didn't buy anything. She was practically dripping with gold and diamonds and most of the stuff was picked over anyway, but I asked if she would take .25 cents less for the item I picked up and she said "No absolutely not!" Now those of you that know me know that I try so hard to be nice and I know everyone has a bad day...but it almost got my goat about her hateful attitude. I had $3.00 cash with me and the items came to $3.25...she was a bit of a meanie!!! I understand not everyone barters but that is normally on bigger items that they are FIRM. This was a little bitty ornament!
I bit my tongue (I wanted to stick it out at her LOL) and it made me mad. I don't beg anyone one for anything and good grief it was only .25 cents!!! I put back most of the small items and just bought the small one, so she cut herself short with her mean mouth. She just kept making negative comments. I could imagine Abraham Lincoln's comment: I imagine people are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be!
I had to have a long talk with God when I left there. I felt like He reminded me that everyone has different personalities, some folks are mean for no reason it just makes them feel powerful and happy, and some folks are sick, upset and depressed inside and they are fighting back the only way they know how and that is to be lady if you happen to read this I prayed for you (it took me several miles away from you to be able to do it , but I prayed for you :) and maybe you should find another way of making extra money because customer service is not your area LOL


Raggedy Girl said...

I tagged you this morning. If you would like to play, please visit me for the game rules. I so love your blog.
Roberta Anne

Raggedy Girl said...

Here I am back again! I don't know if I should laugh or cry. Your story is funny but at the same time sad. My "me" project right now is to be the nicest person on earth. I want to just smile and always speak kindness. If I had a yard sale I would be begging people just to take the stuff. I use the big blue truck that comes once a month from Big Brothers/Big Sisters. I wish I could have gone to the beach with you, it look so pretty! Especially from here in the desert!
Roberta Anne

Anonymous said...

You tell her Lilly!!!! Really if 25cents meant that much!lol She isn't too bright or would have realized she was losing money in the long run!!! I give you credit for buying anything at all!!!lol Just goes to show how SWEET you are!!!! Don't feel bad you got upset with her!!! most people would have told her off in a heartbeat!!! She must really be an unhappy person! There is nothing better than the ocean with no people around to relax the mind!!! I love being near water; I only go to the beach in winter!!!lol everyone thinks I'm nuts; I hope you picked up a few of those shells, although you probably have tons already! So lucky you are to be able to escape to the beach though!lol Sorry she almost ruined your day!! I know its still buggin ya but try and put her in the "junk" folder!!!! Sending you a hug - Jeannette


Hi Lilly,
Love the photo of you and your kids:) You are so pretty:)
I have to remember not to be mean myself when I'm having a bad day..
and 25 cents...isn't worth it.
LOVE the ocean photos. Did you pick up the sea shells...or do you have enough!? I love to pick up shells at the ocean. I think we need a vacation to the ocean..maybe next year:)
Take care.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Beautiful pictures! I'm sorry to tell you that I am laughing about your story of the garage sale lady! You handled it so well, and I love the way you told us about it. laurie

Bobbie said...

You may have been the only person who has prayed for that woman!