Tuesday, February 10, 2009

4 More days until Valentine's Day!

Hey y'all! One last picture from the beach! I have another funny story to share...you know how I have been bummed about being lonely...well a friend of mine set me up with a man, okay word of advice to single girls...NEVER get set up LOL. He was so handsome and seemed to be a perfect gentleman. I hadn't been on a date for over a year and that one was a disaster so I was kind of praying he would ask me out and finally after hours of talking he finally asked me to go golfing with him on Sunday and I told him I couldn't go until after church. (I don't golf but I know how to ride in the cart and be quiet!) He said " Church?Oh my mama would LOVE you! Can I go to church with you sometime?" (Sounded like everything I have been hoping for!)well to make a long story short, he called me after church and I met him at the golf course. It took him 10 minutes before introducing me to his buddies. He knew my name because he said it 3 or 4 times when I got there. Once we started riding in the cart, he said every curse word ever made up, Hacked and Spit about 400 times, blew smoke in my face constantly; then got visible upset when I tried not to cough, I kept smiling and thinking if I ever get off of this golf cart this man will never see me again. At this point I even considered walking back to my car..but I stuck it out!! He pitched repeated fits of throwing golf clubs, and one man walked up on the 7th hole and said "Dang Man, how many girlfriends do you have, everytime I see you, you're with a different woman" I smiled ...thinking "That's because he can't get the same one to go out twice! LOL When the game was over, he drove me back to my car and said "Alright Darling! Where do you want to go to dinner?" I gave him my most playful smile and said " You know I think I will eat at my house. I had a very educational time but I don't think you and I are made for each other...you see you are obviously an Alabama fan. (I could see his golf club head covers had a big "A" on them)and well see I am an Auburn fan so you see it just wouldn't work out. But thank you again for an interesting afternoon!" He looked like I had slapped him, mouth dropped open, eyes bugged out! I just turned and jumped into my car....I was disappointed for a few minutes but then I got tickled and said " Well, I am alone but I am NOT with that man!!!" He tried to call me last night but I did not answer the telephone. He did not leave a message thank goodness! I hope he got the message I gave him in person! Soooooo I am posting this picture to remind me that Jesus loves me!!
Have a great day!!!


Raggedy Girl said...

Still praying for Mr. Right. He is out there. What is that thing about kissing..no going out with a big pile of frogs before you find your Prince Charming. What a pig this guy was. Your sand picture is lovely.
Roberta Anne

LillyB said...

Thank you Roberta Anne. I thought this story was actually kind of funny but I guess those that read it probably just felt bad for me...sometimes what comes up comes out with me LOL
I know the good Lord will send me someone one day when the time is right!

The Kramer Angle said...

Well like my husband (a golfer) always says you can tell the true character of a man by playing golf with him. You were wise to get in your car and head home!

texasdaisey said...

LOL! That has got to be one of the funniest dating stories I have ever heard. God has some special person reserved for you. He will have to be quick to keep up with you. Can't wait to see who. Now I'm going to have to add my prayers with all the others to get that man here with you.