Saturday, March 20, 2010

Secret Revealed

My kids don't know this about me! I have been collecting letters (Okay a small collection :) of letters from the White House since they were very young. I have a letter from Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, George Bush Jr and Laura Bush and now President Carter has responded to a letter I wrote to him! The letters I wrote were filled with encouragement, just so you know!

It was the perfect ending to a terrible day! I sat in my driveway and my heart was full of Joy as I read my note from Jimmy Carter!
We live in a world that has been replaced by text messages, emails and voicemail but a note handwritten by Jimmy Carter...that made me smile.
We met in Columbus, Georgia when I was a little girl. He told me I had pretty curly hair. I asked my father "Who is that man daddy?" He said "That is a man that loves Jesus and one day he will be the President of the United States." My father was correct on both accounts.

I have been a fan of Mr and Mrs Carter for a long time. They are doers of the word, not just hearers of the word! He is honest and he cares about God's people and above all He loves the Lord and is not ashamed to admit it publicly!
I'll hide my note in the box for the kids to find long after I am gone. Hopefully they will say...Wow! I never knew my mom had these!!
Have a blessed weekend friends!
Love Lilly

Monday, March 15, 2010

She said Yes!

My daughter was engaged a few weeks ago! My baby! Good grief! I am so happy for you Nicole. It seems like yesterday you were born, now so many years have passed and you are all grown up and soon to be a married woman. I am so very proud of you. You are such a good person, a good heart, you love Jesus and I am so very proud to be your mother!
When your boyfriend called and asked could he ask me a question, I thought he wanted to talk about what to get you for Valentine's Day! Then he said "May I have permission to marry your daughter?" It is a day I will never forget! I cried! It was so hard not to tell you about that telephone call!! I love you and I am so happy for you! God is so good!!
Love the Mother of the soon to be Bride!

p.s. to all my blogging buddies: Nicole's fiance is now active duty in Kuwait until December but he may come back in July for a quick wedding. We do not have the details yet but I will keep you posted!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Jewelry Party

The Stella and Dot Jewelry party was fun! Here are some pictures from the party!!
Some beautiful pieces were offered!!

The ladies had a good time!!

Here are some pictures of the snack table. My friend said to keep it simple! LOL

I wanted to show you the pretty table that had the snacks on it!

These napkins cracked me up!!

I do not know how much money we raised but we had a good time. I invited about 50 people but only 13 showed. My mama always says "Little is much when God is in it!"
Have a great weekend!
Love Lilly

Friday, March 5, 2010

Tomorrow is the big day!

I have purchased the cookies and the drinks for the Jewelry Party, and my friend will be here at 2PM. So everyone please wish us a great success with the Jewelry Party. I am excited! My friend said to keep it simple...however, yall know me simple is hardly a word used to describe me!! I wont just open the cookie bags and let the ladies grab one! LOL I have some cake plates that I am going to stack and make it look pretty!! I bought some small water bottles to put on ice and some 2 liter drinks, and punch and lemonade that will put in glass pitchers :) it will be pretty.
One of the ladies at the church told me not to be upset if not a lot of people bought jewelry; that we could have an "Adopt a tablecloth" campaign and ask the families of the church to purchase one for $10.00 each. I think that is a great idea, however I am praying the Jewelry Party is a great success and we can pay for the tablecloths out of the proceeds!!
I will let you know on Sunday!
Have a blessed weekend!!
Love Lilly