Saturday, March 6, 2010

Jewelry Party

The Stella and Dot Jewelry party was fun! Here are some pictures from the party!!
Some beautiful pieces were offered!!

The ladies had a good time!!

Here are some pictures of the snack table. My friend said to keep it simple! LOL

I wanted to show you the pretty table that had the snacks on it!

These napkins cracked me up!!

I do not know how much money we raised but we had a good time. I invited about 50 people but only 13 showed. My mama always says "Little is much when God is in it!"
Have a great weekend!
Love Lilly


Tina said...

You did a stunningly elegant job!!! as I knew you would.

Kathryn @ Bonafide Southern said...

What a wonderful party with a great motive behind it! I've never heard of this line of jewelry before, but it's really pretty. Thanks for sharing. I hope everything was a big success.

Barbara said...

Looks like there were many pretty pieces to choose from and I love the napkins also.


Anne Reeves said...

Good job! looks gorgeous and those 13 women were the lucky ones to have you as their hostess!