Friday, March 5, 2010

Tomorrow is the big day!

I have purchased the cookies and the drinks for the Jewelry Party, and my friend will be here at 2PM. So everyone please wish us a great success with the Jewelry Party. I am excited! My friend said to keep it simple...however, yall know me simple is hardly a word used to describe me!! I wont just open the cookie bags and let the ladies grab one! LOL I have some cake plates that I am going to stack and make it look pretty!! I bought some small water bottles to put on ice and some 2 liter drinks, and punch and lemonade that will put in glass pitchers :) it will be pretty.
One of the ladies at the church told me not to be upset if not a lot of people bought jewelry; that we could have an "Adopt a tablecloth" campaign and ask the families of the church to purchase one for $10.00 each. I think that is a great idea, however I am praying the Jewelry Party is a great success and we can pay for the tablecloths out of the proceeds!!
I will let you know on Sunday!
Have a blessed weekend!!
Love Lilly


Tina said...

I hope you meet your goal and get what you need for the tablecloths. Enjoy

D said...

Hello, Lilly,
Good luck on your function tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by and leaving sweet comments on my blog.
I signed up to follow you.


Pink Slippers said...

looks like a load of fun.