Friday, February 13, 2009

1 more day until Valentine's Day!

Well I have enjoyed this little countdown!! Here is a picture of the rest of my coffee table. I received the book "A room of her own" It is inspiring but since I LIVE ALONE...they are all my rooms LOL!!
Funny story: Last night I was busy baking cupcakes. My bank is having a fund raiser for March of Dimes which includeds bake sales every friday this month. So I offered to bring some! Well my new home has a gas stove and I was raised cooking on an electric stove soooooo I think you know where this is headed...I was a nervous wreck trying to make sure that I didn't burn anything...all went well until I got cocky and tried to make some Meringues. I reused one of the pans that apparently had some oil left on it unknown to me, I put the parchment paper on there and put them in the oven, next thing I know the smoke alarm is going off. I live right next door to the firestation/sheriff station, so I panicked when I heard the firetruck. I was praying Lord please don't let them be coming here!!! Well they didn't come to my house, it was a coincidence that my smoke alarm and their firetruck sirens went off at the same time. I would have died of embarrassment if they had showed up at my house...but I would have given them the cupcakes!!
There was a fatality...the meringues did not make it!!!!
p.s. Never say Never, I have a blind date tonight... he is not blind! Another fix up, so expect some kind of update tomorrow!!!
Don't forget to get your sweeties a pretty for tomorrow!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lilly! Oh how exciting!!! I hope your date goes well and you enjoy your night out!!! (be careful though!!!) Too funny about the cupcakes and fire dept., although you may have had a really cute, single firefighter show up!??? Enjoy dear and let us know how it went!!!! Sincerely, Jeannette