Friday, June 5, 2009

Ah! Why I nevaaah!!

Look at my pretty table! That green glass just POPS. It is way to thin but it is so pretty! I friend teased me about decorating my table and I thought to myself "Why I nevaah (thick southern draw here for emphasis on never) would dream of not setting this beautiful table!" She's a nice lady but I wonder about her upbringing LOL (Miss Janice you know what I am saying!!)LOL
Here is a picture of some of my teapots! Don't they look regal? The crochet piece came from an estate sale. It is so beautiful!
I am praying for good weather for tomorrow's yard sales.
I have a special box for items that I am donating to the Rescue Mission for their apartments that they have set up for people trying to get off of the streets and get back on their feet. Isn't that a great idea! I have been rareing to get back to the hunt of a great yard sale long has it been 2 weeks since I contributed to the economy? LOL I am coming back strong girls! I will hopefully post something wonderful on Monday.
Remember Give and it will come back to you!
God Bless you and have a wonderful weekend!
Love Lilly




Your table looks beautiful and you might as well set the table and use the pretty dishes no sense in leaving them in the cupboard! Thanks for stopping by for a visit and leaving me your sweet comment!

Sincerely Yours said...

Hi Lilly dear! Hope you are doing well! Thanks for your sweet comments too! I hope you have good weather this weekend for yard saling!! That is a fantastic idea donating things for people to get them started! It just breaks my heart how many homeless (and even more now) people there are! Home is everything to me I can't imagine not having one!!! You have such a sweet soul and I know you get great comfort from giving!! Now, the table looks great and I love all your teapots! I never met a teapot I DIDN'T like!lol My table is set too, but with junk to put away!lol Happy to hear from you and thanks for the work related advice which I will definitely follow! - Sincerely yours, Jeannette

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Your table looks so pretty, and I love the tea pots lined up on the cabinet. That green glass does look so delicate and so beautiful! I can't imagine anyone evah teasing you about this beautiful tablscape. laurie


Hi Lilly,
What time is dinner?! The table setting is very lovely! Great place for your tea pot collection.
I hope you find LOTS of new TREASURES!!
Deb :)

I appreciate your kind words about Scout.

The Raggedy Girl said...

The table is so lovely and I too want to de-clutter my home and give away a whole bunch of stuff but no getting back for me, I just want to be simplified. I have missed you Lily.

The Raggedy Girl

Miss Janice said...

Your tablescape is just beautiful and so inviting...Why I have nevaaah either!

Angie said...

oh my goodness, I love your dishes and teapots. I also love dishes, I have too many (or is there such a thing as too many?). I love to pick them up at yard sales and estate sales. You are making me homesick for panama. I grew up in chipley, and lived in panama for a couple of years before moving to orlando for my husband's school. I am so ready to get outa hear, and go back there or Tenn, or something. Your website is beautiful.