Friday, December 19, 2008

Oh my! I've been tagged by Tam at
My first tag!
RULES: Link back to me for nominating you. Nominate five other bloggers and link to them on your blog. List 7 Random Things about yourself
1. I am always on time or early (it's a fault!)
2. I hate wearing a seat belt (I do it because it's the law but I hate it)
3. I wear makeup every day (trust me it is a public service!)
4.I drive with 2 feet (It's how I learned!)
5. I used to be a Police Officer (It's true)
6. I love watching Paula Deen and Joyce Meyer on T.V.
7.I'm right handed LOL
Ladies: I know this is a terrible time to be tagged because we are all so busy, so just when you get around to it!! Merry Christmas friends! God Bless you and yours Richly!!

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