Monday, March 2, 2009

Welcome Home Celebration

I forgot to take any pictures...but Saturday night I made my daughter soft taco's for dinner. Her request!! I bought blue tortilla chips and put them on a beautiful fiesta platter. Then I had 2 green martini glasses stationed at end of each side of the platter. They were filled with Salsa.
I fried some Andouille sausage and added a can of refried beans and 1/2 teaspoon of margarine (I know heart attack in a can right?), and chopped up the sausage and added into the beans. It was so good.
Then I fried the hamburger meat adding the taco seasoning packet and water. I tried to make cheese and hamburger dip but I used the cheapo cheese instead of velvetta and it didn't turn out right...
So then I chopped onion, tomatoes, had bought shredded cheese (colby and cheddar mix) and made home made Guacamole and a Guacamole dip for the chips. I heated up the flour tortillas in the microwave. My children and one of my coworkers really seem to enjoy themselves. I was so tired that I forgot to take a picture but please take my word...I loved all the praise I got from the food and the pretty table!!


Raggedy Girl said...

It sounds wonderful. We love love love anything Mexican or Tex-Mex around here.

Have a Wonderful Day
from Roberta Anne

Anonymous said...

HI Lilly! HOpe your daughter gets to visit for a while? I know you are enjoying!!!! I think I'll make something Mexican this week for dinner now! sounds good even if it is 6am!lol Hope you are enjoying your week and I'm glad you found your skillet! Miss talking to you daily! Sincerely, Jeannette


Hi Lilly,
Happy Birthday to your daughter...mine will be 28 this fall and my son 30 in about OLD..
Glad you are having a great visit with your daughter.

Connie said...

Lilly, Food sounds great ! I wish I still liked to cook. Oh well, maybe in my next life.
Yes, Laurie is a real peacemaker and a very talented lady, at that.
Be well........