Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Gospel Singing

(Picture from Flicker)
Monday evening I went to a Gospel singing at the Music Barn in Southport, Florida. It was so much fun. I was invited by a customer of mine. It is an old barn with a built in stage where musicians and singers gather a couple of times a week and have a jam session. For a small donation you can eat a full course meal with dessert and listen to country, gospel, blue grass and folk music.I had such a good time! I needed that for my soul. My daughter did not have a good time, she had a friend come and pick her up but I stayed because I needed that entertainment. It was refreshing for me! I will tell you that the customer tried to set me up with his friend (who showed up with booze on his breath) and I just ignored him for the entire evening, he got up and sang and had a Vegas style stage voice. It is a shame he is so talented he probably could have been a big star but alcohol probably got in his way. After his performance he said Do you like good clean fun? I asked what did he mean? He said, Let's go outside and kiss. I told him "I don't know you! But I'll tell you what...go on outside and wait for me. If I am not there in 5 minutes...start without me!"
Drunk men at Gospel singings make me so mad!
Getting back to the singing...I am big fan of music and I really enjoyed the evening. I have plans to go back next Monday too! I hope the drunk doesn't show up!!
Have a great day and I am sorry I forgot my camera again. My daughter
has altered my schedule a little bit since she is here and I am disoriented!
Love Lilly


Raggedy Girl said...


It must be so hard to keep meeting toads instead of a Prince Charming. You night out sounds like fun and I would have loved to be there with you.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday
from Roberta Anne

Carolyn said...

Hi Lilly,
I laughed over your start without me comment!
I am glad you have your daughter with you for awhile and that you are not as lonely now.
Take care,