Tuesday, January 6, 2009


The top picture is of an outdoor kitchen that my guys at work did for a client. They just did the granite but isn't it beautiful. The outdoor view is amazing!!

I stepped out in faith and bought Hercules Hooks. They were 10 for $4.99 at Target. The landlord is coming over this week so I will approach him and see what he thinks! I am really praying he agrees with this because I have some things I would love to hang! Guess what I forgot to buy batteries for the camera. I have some really good pictures to post! I will get them tonight after work! The house is coming together nicely!

I have something funny to tell you! You know how I love to feed the birds? Well, I put up a bird feeder and water station in the yard for the birds and waited patiently for the beautiful red birds and blue birds to arrive. Well for days, no birds came...this past Saturday, it seems like hundreds of black birds arrived. My yard was completely covered it looked like a black carpet. I was standing at the french doors with my mouth hanging open, speechless! LOL My small bird feeding budget does not cover hundreds of birds, so ummm maybe I will buy a fish or transfer my bird feeder to my job and feed those few birds LOL
Have a great day!!


Sincerely Yours said...

Hi Lilly! Too funny about the birds! We have those pesty swarms too. I keep telling my husband he's attracting them with bird food and he tells me they eat the stuff in the grass??? Yea right! I am always running out scaring them off and then afraid they are gonna punish me with a bunch of droppings on my head!!! Love that kitchen; my next one is not going to have upper cabinets and just windows!!!lol(but then I'll have to clean them?!) Good luck with landlord! Til later, Jeannette

Ginger said...

I love that outdoor kitchen too. I could cook in there!! Beautiful view also. I feed the birds too. It's funny how they find the feed.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

OOOO, that outdoor kitchen is beautiful. Those blackbirds are pesky. We get a lot of them here too, and I've seen sidewalks so splatered with their poop that it looks painted. I hope you and your landlord can reach an agreement about hanging stuff. We gotta have our stuff on the walls. laurie

Sandra~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Oh the view is just beautiful. I would be thrilled to have something like that. You know the black birds don't always come around like that-only at special times of the year. Sometimes in our area you will see crows all get together in a certain area, and I always tell my husband their having a crow bird convention. They get together and talk about who knows what. I enjoy any bird that comes in my yard. Any critters are all welcome to my place for that matter.

Tootsie said...

that kitchen is amazing! we have one black bird that picks thru the trash...the more you hate them...the more they come!