Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rescue Mission Revival was a success!

Monday night was the final night of the Rescue Mission revival. It was for 3 days. I would estimate that about 20 something people accepted Christ as their Savior. It was an awesome revival. It doesn't cost anything to be nice to people. It also puts my life into perspective. Seeing people sleeping on the ground outside by my car on Sunday night really upset me. The Mission was full and there was no where else for them to go. It broke my heart. Life is about choices for some of us. Or sometimes circumstance. We should always be thankful for what we have!! And make a difference in others lives when we have an opportunity.
Have a beautiful day!
Love Lilly

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Janean said...

just found your sweet blog ---
to see hearts change...it never ceases to amaze us!
i'm off to read where you moved from and to.