Monday, September 7, 2009

Honest to goodness!!

I had to work this morning, so I was a little grumpy thinking I might be the only one! I live in an area that has residential areas and some country undeveloped areas (the woods) so on my way to work I have occassionally seen a deer, possum, snake or racoon, however this morning...a black bear came out of the woods! He was not full grown, but not a cub...perhaps a teenage bear. I could not have been more surprised if a pink army tank had rolled out of those woods LOL
I saw him up a head and slowed down, thinking it was a very large dog who might run out in front of my car, LOL, the closer I got...he and I both put on our brakes LOL, I headed to work and he ran back into the woods LOL This is not a picture of that bear, but it looks a lot like him!
I have never seen a bear that wasn't in a zoo it was a unique experience for me! I'll let you know if any pink army tanks come out of the woods next time! LOL
Love Lilly


Eileen said...

WOW!! That must have been unreal!

Really nice blog you have here! I was looking at your tablescapes, really pretty!
I especially loved your last one with the milk glass!
All of them really are nice! Great job!
All the best,

Tina said...

Oh my! I'm always thinking that I'll run into one on my walks around here so I try to stay in the busy areas.
I know they are in this area in WV.
Not alot, but one could give me the same surprise you got.
have a great start to your week.

Fifi Flowers said...

WOW... that could be shocking for sure! Oooh I'm sure there must be some PINK tanks around somewhere!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Oh My Goodness! I can just imagine your surprise! As long as he stayed out of your way, I'm sure it was a neat experience. laurie

The Raggedy Girl said...

My grandson who lives in the mountains had a serious disagreement with a bear over some garbage and is a little scratched up and now knows to just give up the trash.

The Raggedy Girl

pink army said...

Heres your Pink Army tank love...

Yours allways

General Ruseus

LillyB said...

Pink Army got me LOL