Sunday, August 23, 2009


God Bless the USA!!!! My heart swells with pride and patriotic feelings when I see our flag. I prayed for our country at this moment. So many men and women have served to give us the right to wave our flag! And salute our flag!
These girls did a fantastic job performing with their horses! Great dance routines!!

These kids were getting ready to chase 3 calfs to get the ribbon off of their tail to win prize!

Calfs and Kids everywhere! It was so funny!!!

How bout them Cowboys!!

Bronco Riding!

Bull riding!

More Bronco riding. There was a great turn out and noone was hurt! Even the little girl singing the National Anthem got all the words right!! Hope you had a great weekend!!

Love Lilly


Tina said...

This looks fun. Never been to a rodeo.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Lilly, that looks like so much fun. I get a tear in my eye any time the American flag is waved, but to see all of those waved from the horseback riders must be stirring. And you're right, just look at those hunky cowboys! laurie

The Raggedy Girl said...

Hi Lily:

I have not been around much as we are redecorating and it has been a crazy summer. But here comes Autumn and I am jumping back in. The Rodeo looks like fun, I have never been to one.

The Raggedy Girl