Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Computer murdered by Lightening!!

Hey y'all! Well lightening struck my work computer that I used to download
my pictures to my blog. I couldn't find a picture of a dead computer so I used this one. lol
I am very upset as this has an affect on my job too since almost everything was in the computer. I am basically just a receptionist who answers the telephone without my computer at work! I learned a new word, Backup...(sigh) okay, well, I will still be able to see your table scapes tomorrow after work on my home computer thank goodness!! My home computer is just a mature computer that does not have a place for the camera wire to hook up to it! Also I am headed back to Mississippi this weekend for another family get together so pray for safe travels for me once again!!
Have a great weekend and I will be checking in with you!
Love Lilly

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Tina said...

Oh sorry about the loss of your computer. If you ever wanna upgrade the one at home, check out . I've bought a computer, a laptop, and a camera from that place. Good prices and good stuff.

Have a safe trip