Wednesday, October 8, 2008

This is an old picture, but I couldn't download my new pictures I took.The battery in my camera had the audacity to die on me! :) I have sinced polished up all the silver for the tea party I had in August! (shuttering at the memory!)

I wanted to tell you that I went to yard sales on Saturday. I had a blast. Picked up a side table with no top (I work at a granite company, so the guys will have me a top on it in a week!) a milk glass lamp for a dollar, that needs a new cord. It is beautiful! Some items for my church's kitchen (Lemonade pitcher and Bowl) and a large cooking pot. There were so many people out. I found myself thinking "If they called them dusting parties instead of yard sales, many would stay home!" But it was a beautiful day and there were lots of treasures to be found. I also found a fur collar to add to my faux fur collection. It was a dollar!! The next tea party guest will love it! Just wanted to share! Have a blessed day!

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Sincerely Yours said...

Hi LillyB! I was just signing off and saw you stopped by! I'm glad you did! I am laughing because I get inspired to take a picture and my camera is always dead!lol I'm terrible bout recharging! What a gorgeous spot to sit and be inspired, I'm so jealous!!! Dusting parties is exactly what Yard Sales are and right now my house is up for one big party so I'm off to "dust"! Thanks for your sweet comments and stop in again! - Sincerely, Jeannette (BTW - you are far too pretty to be single!)